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Screw removal 5yrs post LisFranc Surgery

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by atbgo, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. atbgo

    atbgo New Member

    Hi, I found this site by accident, but hopefully I will get some answers. I look forward to any comments, experiences, ideas...

    I am scheduled to have my screws removed 5 years post LisFranc surgery. After the original surgery, I was under the impression that my foot was in such bad shape they (the screws) would never come out. Regardless of my remarkable recovery, my age and my previous injuries and arthritis would never allow me (according to my MD.) to get the pins removed.

    Now I have had so many "minor injuries" and had to be back in the "boot," which has also now turned into pain in my knees, and hips, that he suggested to have them taken out. Yipee, I think! The new surgeon seems to be trying to talk me out of this. Please, can I gather some insight? I am now 46. (I am limited by other health issues) however, I try to be pretty active, my children are 8 & 10, so I am trying to play kickball, basketball, walk the dog, swim. But the surgeon has told me that my activity level will not matter regarding my recovery. If it fails, (the surgery) what I do to help my recovery isn't going to matter. It will just be that the surgery failed.

    That will mean that the foot (ankle I suppose because those bones were crushed) will have to be fused. I understand that the recovery from this surgery is long and difficult. Once again, I can handle that part, as long as I will walk again.

    Any clues, comments, do's or don'ts??

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