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topaz surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Waterloo 42

    Waterloo 42 Guest

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    Hi there I have plantarfaciatis for over 4 years now and had to take a second opinion from another hospital and the 2nd opinion hospital decided they would help and operate
    I have had my calf muscle lengthened and topaz cobaltion
    On the 9/5/17 and still in recovery and still very sore
    Will post in a couple of weeks to let you see how I am progressing
  2. bad foot

    bad foot Guest

  3. HI, I had topaz surgery yesterday, suposed to wear the aircast from today for 2 weeks but it's been too painful as it feels like Ive been cut on the inside of my heel and it hurts like a popped blister. Ive been given exercises to do, which I started this morning and have already noticed an improvement. I have been told that I can weight bear from today but it's far too sore for that. The pain was terrible last night, put me in tears but a lot better today. I am hoping I might be able to walk in the aircast tomorow. I am getting by at the mo by taking 2 tramadol and 2 paracetamol every 4 hours, I definately know when my 4 hours are up.
  4. JULES

    JULES Guest

    Please share your progress, I had mine done same day 9/5/2017. I'm still limping around on the heel. It's really sore.
  5. Annm

    Annm Guest

    I had mine done almost 6 weeks ago, 10-13-17. I am still in pain, walking with boot, night splint. Doing exercise, stretching, icing. I have no choice but to continue to give it time. As it is now, I am not happy.
  6. I have PF in both feet for about 9 months and my right foot is worse than my left one, both are very worse. I do not have the morning pain but I could not stand or walk more than 15 minutes without pain or discomfort. I do not want to go for surgery. Will this work? Any advice.
  7. Annm

    Annm Guest


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